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15" Bejeweled Gold Flat Crystal Beaded Stainless Steel Chandelier Wedding Riser Cake Stand

Item Number: CHDLR_037_GOLD


  • Bejeweled Flat Cake Stand
  • Size: 2.75"Height x 15" Width
  • Color: Gold
  • Material: Metal with Acrylic Crystals

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    Showcase your opulence and style with this swish emblem of ritz and glitz. Brilliantly fashioned in modish square shape, this metallic chandelier cake stand features a shiny, reflective mirrored metal top surrounded by glinting crystal beads wired fashionably in three rows supported by metallic ball feet for added regal feel. These shiny faceted crystal clear beads will shine like crazy once you throw some lights on this deluxe accessory. Add oodles of glitz and glam to your wedding cake or dessert tables with this imperial beauty. The glistening reflective top will impart a charismatic charm to whatever you place on it; let it be your special Wedding Cake, cupcakes, sweet delicacies or simply candles and garlands, the spectacle produced thereby will be truly magical to behold. Sumptuously display your cake using this dreamy piece or create an eye catching centerpiece by placing it atop your bridal table with LED candles or a bowl of submersible floating candles reflecting enchanting silhouettes all around! Use it as a cake stand or a centerpiece riser, the eloquent elegance exuded by this bling stand will outshine the classiest of decorations. !

    Additional Information :

    • Bejeweled Flat Cake Stand
    • Color- Gold
    • Material-Metal with Acrylic Crystals
    • Size- 2.75"Height x 15" Width