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18 Red Real Peacock Feathers With Artificial Grass Home Bouquet Decor

Item Number: ARTI_6019_RDx6


  • Real Peacock Feathers
  • Qty: 3 Bushes/order
  • Each bush contains 3 peacock feathers
  • Size: 16" stem + 32" grass / feather length

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Peacock is a symbol of magnificence and liveliness, with its vivid shades and striking physical features, it truly is an epitome of perfection. Our special Peacock Onion Grass features authentic peacock feathers and artificial onion grass to give you a mystic decorative accessory to create magical masterpieces. Add a dash of extra modish touch to your vases, pots, jars, chandeliers, wreaths, swags, bows, and bouquets with these enchanting vibrant beauties.

  • These decorative onion grass goes great with our Eiffel Tower Vases
  • In the photo, that is displaying 3 Bushes
  • Each bush contains 3 peacock feathers
  • Feathers are real feathers. Because they are real, some imperfections may exist, and is normal.
  • Size: 16" stem + 32" grass / feather length
  • Note: The grasses are artificial flower, not real grass
  • Uses - Table Decoration, Wedding, Party, Event, Banquet, Centerpieces, Vases, Stage Decoration