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30" Tall Silver Metallic Vase Floral Bowl Wedding Centerpiece Riser

Item Number: CHDLR_040_SILV


  • Color- Silver
  • Quantity: 2 vases
  • Size: 30" Tall
  • Bowl Opening and Depth: 8" Diameter and 6.5" Depth
  • Material- Metal

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Elevate your floral arrangements, kissing balls, centerpiece displays or floor presentations with this tall metal riser comprising of a large floral bowl. This elegant floral bowl vase stand is an ideal choice to highlight the elegance of your wedding centerpieces and tabletop arrangements with its divine loftiness and seamless metal sheen. With its sleek metal finish and delicate formation, this tall vase stand makes an imperial background display on your dessert station, gift tables, and buffet or cake table.

The huge bowl is perfect to accommodate silky rose bouquets, pomander kissing balls, posies, artificial flower bunches or chain ivies dangling dreamily, heightening the surreal charisma of your already gorgeous party ambiance. Besides flowers and kissing balls, this bowl stand vase will equally augment the loveliness of your votive candle or pillar candle displays. The masterfully handcrafted classy textured design in the base of the vase further enhances its regal appeal. Our glitzy flower vase, centerpiece riser, and display stand is an ideal accessory to fill the decorative needs of any event or wedding planner or designer.

Additional Information:

  • Quantity: 2 vases
  • Height: 30" Tall
  • Bowl opening and depth: 8" Diameter and approx. 6.5" Depth
  • Pole height including base: approx. 23"
  • Base: 7.5"
  • Material: Metal
  • Color: Silver