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35" Gemcut Egyption Handcrafted Glass Floral Vase Votive Candle Holder Table Top Wedding Centerpiece - 1 PCS

Item Number: CHDLR_GLAS_012


  • Material: Crystal
  • Quantity: 1set/order
  • Height: 35" Tall
  • Weight: 10.7 lbs
  • Top Bowl Diameter: 6.25", Opening: 5", Depth: 2.5"
  • Size of Inner Circle for the Candle Sticks: 0.75", Depth: 0.5"
  • Total 6 chains (not attached when arrive),Size: 2+1 = 4" each
  • Base: 6.5"
  • Height of Pole: 29" (from the Top Ball till the end of stem before base)

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Tall, tasteful, and truly TANTALIZING! The sparkling clarity of this crystal riser makes it look almost liquid! Can’t decide what to marvel first; the HEIGHT, the TRANSPARENCY, or the brilliant CONSTRUCTION? Well, this 35”(approx.) lofty crystal floral/candle holder and riser needs to be hailed for its unsurpassed glory and elegance. This glam showpiece combines all necessary elements needed to create a splendid and attention-grabbing masterpiece; clear and sparkling crystal, height and luster, prism cut faceted surface, a sleek reflective base, crystal pendants, and a scalloped cup to hold multi-sized candles or flower balls and corsages. The detailed construction of this beauty makes it a perfect centerpiece or floral/candle holder and riser for grand events like weddings, receptions, showers, trade shows, and other special celebrations or to add flair and class as floor art. If used as a centerpiece, 35 inches is an ideal height as it will not hinder the view of your treasured guests and by placing this in conjunction with our other crystal decorative items, your guest tables, dessert tables, buffet or side table, and cake table will have an enchanting background look.

This tall and trendy crystal stand will make an exceptional floor display being incorporated with LED lights, candles, tulle or satin ribbons, flowers, ivies, and so much more. Featuring a glistening base constructed in two levels and accented with triangular shape facets with reflective tops, this fab item will add timeless elegance and style to your decorations and display. The two segments of long stem meet at a prism cut faceted sphere exuding seamless sheen when exposed to light. The long faceted triangular cuts on the stem are exceptionally see-through while the decorative scalloped bowl on top is wide enough to accommodate multi-sized taper candle, LED candle, votive candle, and a pillar candle, also a Tissue Paper Pom pom, or flower ball in Rose Pomander, Hydrangea, Sunflower, and Boxwood.

The decorative bowl has the cutout of 0.75"to hold a ¾” wide taper candle. Not including the candle cutout, the bowl depth is 2.5” deep and the shallow bottom can hold a 3” wide pillar candle easily. Not just that, let your imagination run wild, decorate and design to your heart content, fill pearls, diamond confetti, jelly filler balls, submersible LED lights, silk rose petals, floating LED candles; list could go on and on! And for your fascination, this glam piece offers more facets and angular cuts in the plate under this bowl with sparkling pendant strands dangling dreamily from it. Since the chains come unattached, this candle/floral holder and centerpiece riser opens gates for unlimited decorative and innovative styles. Attach the pendants the way your heart desires, top with candles, flowers, or other favorite items of your choice; and feel the pomp and pride of creating splendid displays and centerpiece designs just like a pro designer yourself!

Additional Information:

  • Material- Crystal
  • Quantity-1set/order
  • Size- Height: 35"
  • Weight: 10.7 lbs
  • Bowl Diameter = 6.25", Opening = 5", Depth- 2.5"
  • Size of Inner Circle for the Candle Sticks- 0.75", Depth- 0.5"
  • Total 6 chains (not attached when arrive),Size- 2+1 = 4"
  • Base = 6.5"
  • Height of Pole = 29" (from the Top Ball till the end of stem before base)

Note: Other Decorations Not Included