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400W Professional Photography Photo Video Portrait Studio Softbox Lighting Kit

Item Number: PHOTO_LGT_003

$57.00 12% OFF $49.99

  • 1× High Quality 7 Ft Light Stands (302 Light Stand)

  • 1× 56cm Octagon Single Lamp Light Softbox

  • 1× 85W Perfect Day Light CFL Bulb 6500K

  • 85W CFL Bulb - Equals to 400W Regular​ Incandescent Light Bulb Output

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Embark on your photography venture with our amazing range of Photo Portrait studio lightning kits. Perfect for both apprentices and professionals, our photography lighting equipment will make your each portrait and photo a true masterpiece.

Now, it is very easy to showcase your artistic flair with hassle-free, simple and quick installable photo gear, in addition to high competitive quality.

Our Light Stand is designed to offer maximum support and is an ideal accessory for professional studio photography. This light stand is easy to set up and features lock system for quick and easy usage. These durable and compact stands can ideally be used on the studio, in the field, or on the road.

With Octagon lamp light box/ soft box, you can create round highlights on reflective objects and also round shaped catch lights in the eyes of a subject in a portrait. Often used to mimic sunlight, octagon soft box is considered a key item on your photo equipment checklist. Perfect Day Light Bulbs are super bright, perfect for lighting an entire room, a photo-shoot or a video production. Modern spiral shape coupled with bright illumination, make these bulbs perfect for Professional Photography, Portraits, Photo Shoot, and more!

Additional Information:

  • Photography Lighting Kit 
  • High Quality 7 Ft Light Stands (302 Light Stand)
  • 56cm Octagon Single Lamp Light Softbox
  • 85W Perfect Day Light CFL Bulb 6500K

Note: 85W CFL bulb output equals to 400W regular​ incandescent light bulb output