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42" Silk Cherry Blossom Artificial Flowers - Cream

Item Number: ARTI_007_CRM


  • Color - Cream
  • Size - Entire stem is 42" long
  • Blossom part size: about 20" long
  • Width: 10"
  • Total 4 individual branches of blossoms/bush

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Cherry Blossom is a significant symbolic flower of the spring season, a time of renewal, and also the fleeting nature of life. Cherry Blossom flowers have an un-deniable merry feeling about them, they provide people a pleasantly charming sight to behold as well as carry a heavenly charisma that makes you want to smile, sing, and frolic around. Being extremely short-lived, these rare flowers are extremely costly, thus we provide you an everlasting silk substitute of these divine beauties to spread the joy of festive ecstasy all around. Our comely Cherry Blossom branch has delicate and utterly beautiful look that mimics the real cherry blossom tree with all its beauty and fragility. Use these blooms on their own to exude beauty and festivity or combine with other silk flowers, stems, bushes, and leaves to make eye-catching Floral Centerpiece Arrangements, Bridal Bouquets, Corsages, kissing balls and other decorative accents.

Note- Not suggested to cut and use individually.