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Common Daisy Bush Artificial Silk Flowers - Pink

Item Number: ARTI_9207_PINKx4


  • Quantity: 22 flowers per bouquet, 4 bouquets per order
  • Bush: 20" height, Flower: 3" diameter x 1" height
  • Leaf: 4" length, Stem: approximately 15" length
  • Bloom as the sun
  • These are artificial, not fresh flowers

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Silk Daisy Bouquets (Sunflower Family) is always being the head of the market of wedding & party supplies and decorations. We are proud of serving our customers with low price and high quality for years. We are pleased to announce our new arrivals. Dont miss out!

Tired of roses? Try some special, wild, and exotic!

The asteraceae or Compositae, is commonly called aster, daisy, or sunflower family. Daisies symbolize innocence, purity of the heart, mind and soul of its carrier, a sign of true love and affection. Present a bouquet of daisies to open your heart just as vibrant as sunshine. Because of multiple meanings of daisies, they can be carried by any people for any occasions.


Bush: 20" height
Flower: 3" diameter x 1" height
Leaf: 4" length
Stem: approximately 15" length
Quantity: 22 flowers per bouquet  - 4 bouquets per order.  Photo shows 1 bouquet.

Bloom as the sun.