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Artificial Roses & Silk Peonies Mix Flower Box DIY Foam Flower Bouquets - Cream/White


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Package: 1 Mixed Flower Box Set (40 Pcs)

Box Includes:

  • 5x Silk Sunflowers (2xLarge, 3xSmall)
  • 13x Foam Roses
  • 12x Single Stem Eucalyptus Leaves
  • Variety Accessory Flower Stems:
    • 2x White Baby’s Breath
    • 3x Yellow-Green Leaves
    • 2x White Daisies
    • 3x Blue Blossoms
Rose Material: Foam
Other Flowers Material: Silk
Sunflower Color: Yellow
Large Sunflower Size: 5.5” Dia.
Small Sunflower Size: 4” Dia.
Rose Colors: Cream | White
Rose Size: 3” Dia.
Eucalyptus Leaf Color: Frosted Green
Eucalyptus Leaf Size: 2.25” Dia.
Flexible Thin Wire Stem Wrapped in Green Craft Paper
Perfect and ready for you to create your DIY projects or any other floral arrangements for wedding, party, bridal shower or just daily home decorations
All sizes are approximate measurements
Due to different light settings the actual color might vary a bit from the pictures.

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Additional Information:

  • Each Stem Thickness: 2"
  • Large Sunflower: 1" Depth
  • Small Sunflower : ¾” Depth
  • Each Sunflower Stem Height: 8"
  • Total Cream Foam Rose: 7
  • Total White Foam Rose: 6
  • Foam Roses Depth: 2”
  • Foam Roses Stem Height: 8"
  • Eucalyptus Leaves Stem Size: 5"
  • Eucalyptus Leaf Material: Silk
  • Variety Accessory Flower Stems:
    • White Baby’s Breath: 6” Flower Length with 5” Stem
    • Yellow-Green Leaves: 4” Leaf Length with 5” Stem
    • White Daisies: 2.5” Diameter x 8” total length
    • Blue Blossoms: 2” Diameter x 8” total length
  • All sizes are approximate measurements
  • Uses: Ideal for Weddings, Festivals, Parties, Home Decorations, Gardens, Fencing, Floral Tributes, Sheds, Flower Arrangements, Baby Shower and more.