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Silk Chrysanthemum Flowers - White - 12 Pack

Item Number: ARTI_029_020_WHT

$28.48 31% OFF $19.64

  • Flower Diameter: Approx. 8.5”
  • Flower Height: Approx. 3.5"
  • Green stem is ½" long
  • One order = 12 flowers

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Beautiful, Blissful, and Beneficent! These comely blossoms are a true bounty from the Mother Nature. Chrysanthemums flowers symbolize happiness, hopefulness, honesty, and humbleness. In Asian culture, this whimsical blossom has great noble significance. It is widely preferred and desired not only for its quirky healing powers but also for the stunning sophistication that it imparts to your surroundings and decorations. Their silk replicas are crafted with intricate artistry, keeping the splendor of this charming flower’s color and shape intact. Give your plain tables and desks a fresh, revitalizing new look by placing an acrylic or glass vase adorned with these darlings atop, make kissing balls that touch the hearts of your guests by simply sticking the wired stems to a round Styrofoam. Enjoy the happy and long wedding life together by adding these blissful blossoms into your special event. These flowers are a perfect choice for events like funerals or church ceremonies. Our lovely Chrysanthemum silk flowers are an ideal choice to bring cheerful atmosphere at any festive celebration or to transform any dull ambiance into simply surreal one!