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6 Feet | Faux Eucalyptus Garland With 8 Ivory Roses

Item Number: ARTI_GLND_GRN016

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Qty: 1 Garland
Garland Type: Eucalyptus Leaves with Rose Heads
Material: Silk & Plastic
Overall Length: 6 ft
Overall Width: 8 inches
Total Rose Heads: 7 
Rose Color: Ivory
Rose Size: 2"L x 2"W x 2"H
Leaf Color: Frosted Green
Total Leaves: 510
All sizes are approximate measurements
Due to different light settings the actual color might vary a bit from the pictures.

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Perfect For Any Events

Give your home, party, or garden space an everlasting radiance and colorful beauty with our realistic looking lush roses and Eucalyptus chain garland selection. Available in amazing range of lovely hues, these refreshing chains of leaves and blooms will transform your tablescapes, banisters, poles, backdrops, and walls into vibrant miniature gardens.


Crafted with intricate artistry that reflects the fresh natural luster and attraction of real flowers and foliage, these green garlands are perfect for both indoor and outdoor décor applications. Unlike natural greenery that wilts and wither in short time and needs maintenance like watering and soiling, our fake flowers and garlands will stay fresh and blooming forever without any upkeep needed.

Elegant and Flexible

Use our super flexible and extra-long greenery garlands to attain that farmhouse chic style or to add a cool fresh look to your home, office, or party space. For a pure pleasurable look and effect, pair these garlands with our faux flower wall panels, giant blooms, rose bouquets, and rosette linens.


Additional Information:
Garland Type:
Eucalyptus Leaves with Rose Heads
Overall Length:
6 ft
Overall Width:
8 inches
Rose Size:
2"Length x 2"Width x 2"Height
Rose Color:
Total Rose Heads:
Leaf Color:
Frosted Green
Small Leaf Length:
1"Length x 1"Width
Total Small Leaves:
Medium Leaf Length:
1.5"Length x 1.5"Width
Total Medium Leaves:
Large Leaf Length:
1.75"Length x 1.5"Width
Total Large Leaves:
Total Leaves:
Total Stems:

Features: Flexible, Waterproof, Versatile, Durable and Reusable
It lasts long and does not wither, fade or damage.
No Assembly Required! Simply open our product and begin decorating!
Made of non-toxic silk and plastic with a bendable wire rod inside and many branches which can easily entangle with other artificial plants or flowers to enhance the greenery settings.

Note: The leaves/flowers are glued to the stems. If it falls off during transit, you can easily glue it back.