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6 Feet | Real Touch Artificial Eucalyptus & Boxwood Garland

Item Number: ARTI_GLND_GRN011_A

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Quantity: 1 Garland
Garland Type: Eucalyptus & Boxwood Leaves
Material: High Quality Flexible Plastic
Total Length: 6FT
Total Width: 8"
Eucalyptus Leaf Color: Green
Eucalyptus Leaf Size: 1.5"-2"L x 1.5"-2"W
Boxwood Leaf Color: Dark Green
Boxwood Leaf Size: 0.5"-1"L x 0.5"-1"W
Waterproof: Yes
Garland is flexible and suitable for indoor/outdoor use
All sizes are approximate measurements
Due to different light settings the actual color might vary a bit from the pictures.

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Eucalyptus and Boxwood Leaves Garland

Breathe fresh, green liveliness into your home interior, partyscape, and event’s décor with our lifelike greenery and foliage garlands. Featuring detailed leaves and glossy plastic texture, our Eucalyptus and Boxwood Leaves Garland mimics the refreshing charm of real live plants. Fashioned in lovely shade of dark and light green, these vines will impart serene scenic beauty to your home, garden, or event’s decor.

Faux Greenery Garlands

Besides being realistic to touch and visually appealing, our faux greenery garlands are flexible enough to be used in myriads of ways; wrap it around wedding arch or trellis, make stunning table centerpieces by laying it atop fairy string lights, winding around flameless LED candles, or dangling from our vintage planters, pots, and vases, making lovely Christmas decorations on mantelpieces, or adding these to your flower displays and bouquets.

Indoors and Outdoors

Being waterproof and highly durable, these green chains can be used both indoors and outdoors, while with a massive length of 6FT, you can even cut these into smaller sections for your DIY craft projects or to decorate wreaths and Floral Table Runners, decorate Photo Booths and backdrops, adorn Flower Walls and Panels, and so on.


Additional Information:

  • Leaf Material: Silk
  • Stem Material: Plastic
  • Total Boxwood Bushes: 3
  • Total Eucalyptus Bushes: 18
  • Length of Leaf w/Stem: 4"-6"
  • Length of Leaf w/Out Stem: 2"-4.5"
  • End Stem has no hole in the end
  • No inside wire on main stem, but it is flexible
  • Perfect for Kitchen Decor, Wedding Decorations, Backdrops, Farmhouse Garland, Eucalyptus Table Runner, Wedding Arches, Hanging Vine, Banquet tables,  Baby Showers or Centerpieces for Tables.