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7" Gemcut Egyption Handcrafted Crystal Glass Votive Candle Holder Table Top Wedding Centerpiece - 1 PCS

Item Number: CHDLR_GLAS_002

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  • Material: Crystal
  • Height - 7"
  • Top - 2x2"
  • Depth - 1 cm
  • Base Size - 2.5x2.5"

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Crystal clear and flawless, this candlestick almost looks liquid! With brilliant angular cut design and exceptional crystal clarity, this deluxe darling will aid you in creating most glamorous and extravagant table settings, tabletop centerpiece decorations, and candle displays. Classy triangular cut prism stem has sparkling faceted spheres that reflect light like crazy in every direction, adding glitzy sheen to your merriment. Sparkling beveled crystal cup can beautifully hold your tea light candles, votive candles, or taper candles. Being 1.5" open, this versatile candle holder gives you full liberty to create new and exciting looks every time by lighting 3/4" wide taper candle, a 1.5 " wide votive or a tea light candle, whatever your mood and festivity requires.

Modish square shaped top and bottom gives a swish look and feel to your dessert tables, gift tables, guest tables, or cake tables while sleek reflective glass base has charming beveled edges that further augment your overall decorations. For a truly exotic centerpiece display, place this bedazzling beauty atop a mirror or shimmer tulle with your theme color votive or tea light, surrounded by crystal beads and gems, silk petals, pearls, or confetti. Give your guests a mesmerizing spectacle to behold by combining the different sizes of this glam beauty, or add elegance and height by pairing this with our other crystal and prism cut items like crystal glass candelabras, crystal votive holders, crystal cake stands, crystal pendant vases, and so much more.

This 7" inch crystal candle holder will not only grant a royal elegance to your wedding receptions, anniversary dinners, birthday bashes, and other special celebration, but will also be a source of bringing pure luxury to your everyday world. Besides adornment and accenting, why not pamper your guests and loved ones a bit too! Gift these ornate crystal luxuries to your friends and beloveds, reminding them of what a treasured gem they are in your life!

  • Material- Crystal
  • Quantity- 1pc/order
  • Size- Height: 7", Top: 2X2", Outer Opening- 1.5", Depth- 1cm
  • Inner Opening-0 .75", Depth- 1 cm
  • Base: 2.5x2.5
  • Note: Candles and Decorations Not Included